Thursday, November 3, 2011

Creating Custom Relationship in SAP HR

SAP is designed to cover all common situations with a wide range of infotypes, reports and relationships.  However, even the best system cannot accommodate every possible scenario.  That’s why SAP allows users to customize many functions, including relationships that does not exist in SAP
By creating custom relationships between objects, you can display all of the structures that exist in Organizational Management.
Relationships are special subtypes of infotype 1001. Each relationship always has two relationship types, indicated by A (bottom up ) and and B (top down). Whichever one you choose to create, A or B, the SAP system will automatically create its partner, so you will always have both options.
In order to create relationships, you need to choose a three character code.  No numbers can be used, so relationships can be labeled anything from AAA, to AAB, AAC … all the way up to ZZZ.

We have a video on how to create custom relationship in Organization Management module under consultant training.

Steve Sequeira