Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome Rutgers University

Rutgers University has decided to try Perfect Resources online SAP HR training for their HRIS class 2010. Stephen Sequeira the CEO of Perfect Resources was invited to be the guest lecturer.

I had an absolute great time giving a presentation on the product the first time and the second time I was there, I gave a presentation on SAP HR overview. I received great questions from the students and there was a genuine interest in learning and understanding the SAP HR system.

We at Perfect Resources are proud to be associated with Rutgers University which is a well known and recognized university in the world. We hope to bring this learning solution to other universities and help their HRIS students to learn and understand the SAP HR system and thus prepare them for better job opportunities.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Display Object ID on Organization and Staffing screen

How to display the Object ID on the organization and staffing screen:

Most of the times users are familiar with the transaction PPOME or PPOSE. Now PPOME is used to maintain the organizational and staffing screen and PPOSE is used to display the organizational and staffing screen. In display you can't edit just view.

So now you are in the organizational and staffing screen and you select organization unit in the top left corner below Find by and you enter the organization unit id or name and search for the organization unit. You will see your results in the hit list column below. You select your organization unit and notice that just the organization unit name is displayed but not the ID. The 8 digit ID is missing, now how do you get that information.

Well its simple, roll your mouse on each of the icons just above your organization unit(below staff assignment) and reach to the last icon, called column configuration. Click on column configuration and check the box ID and the click on the green check.

You should now see the organization unit ID.