Friday, December 16, 2011

SAP HR Training

Hello everyone, the year is coming to an end and hope everyone is looking forward to the new year. Hope the remaining days of this year brings you the happiness and keep you in the spirit of enjoyment.

For those of you considering a move into a new career like SAP HR, we are here to help. Perfect Resources is the only company specializing in SAP HR eLearning. We have two types of training, one for end users and the other for consultants. If you are a person who likes to travel and like challenges then our consultant training is ideal for you. If you would like to be a part of a large organization where SAP HR is the system of record, then our end user training is the way to go.

In both our trainings, we cover all the processes and configuration steps that are required to execute in your job. Our training is interactive, voice enabled, it comes with a presentation on each module, quiz at the end of each video, documentation to download, practice lesson, online test and certificate of completion.

Visit us at or call us for more information.

Steve Sequeira
Founder & CEO
Perfect Resources

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Creating Custom Relationship in SAP HR

SAP is designed to cover all common situations with a wide range of infotypes, reports and relationships.  However, even the best system cannot accommodate every possible scenario.  That’s why SAP allows users to customize many functions, including relationships that does not exist in SAP
By creating custom relationships between objects, you can display all of the structures that exist in Organizational Management.
Relationships are special subtypes of infotype 1001. Each relationship always has two relationship types, indicated by A (bottom up ) and and B (top down). Whichever one you choose to create, A or B, the SAP system will automatically create its partner, so you will always have both options.
In order to create relationships, you need to choose a three character code.  No numbers can be used, so relationships can be labeled anything from AAA, to AAB, AAC … all the way up to ZZZ.

We have a video on how to create custom relationship in Organization Management module under consultant training.

Steve Sequeira

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SAP HR Online Training

It's been a long time since my last update. This year has been real busy for us and we thank the Lord for that.

So what have we been up to ?

Well since April of this year we have been traveling to Indiana helping a client with their data migration from their legacy system to their SAP HR system. This project was successfully completed with good reviews to Perfect Resources in the month of August 2011. In the month of September of this year we got an opportunity to work with ADP in supporting their clients and this project is still going on.

We have also updated our end user training on SAP HR Modules. We have added the following:

1. A presentation to each SAP HR module
2. More captions in each video
3. Voice in all videos
4. Quiz at the end of each video
5. Practice Lesson in documentation tab

We are now working on our consultant module, will provide an update soon.

Oh, I got a chance to take a small vacation with my family to Northern Outdoors in Maine, River Rafting. It was an amazing fun trip.

Stephen Sequeira

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Data Comparison Tool

On my current project I got the opportunity to work on Accenture DCM tool. For those of you who have never heard of this tool must be asking, what is that ?

It's a data comparison tool, it helps in comparing your SAP data that was recently migrated against your legacy data. There are two sides to this tool. The left side and the right side. The left side is the SAP side and the right side is the legacy side. On the left side you select the SAP fields for a given infotype that you want to do a compare. On the right side you select the legacy fields that matches the SAP field an example would be PERNR in SAP will link to Employee Number in Legacy.

You can write rules using IF statement. When the comparison is done, you will see the results in comparison like SAP Personnel Area and Legacy Personnel Area. if the values are the same then you will get a pass in the far right column, if not you will get a fail.

Very helpful for payroll comparison.

Stephen Sequeira