Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello and Welcome

Introduction - My name is Stephen Sequeira and I am the founder of Perfect Resources. Our company is located in New Jersey, USA. Our area of specialization is within the domain of SAP HR. With a masters degree in Human Resource Management from Rutgers University and over 16yrs of HR experience, I wanted to share my experience with the HR community and also at the same time grow my company.

Product - My experience working with HR users during the SAP HR implementation was every user never knew what to expect from the system. There was always a blank face and dependency on the consultant to guide them. Well, not anymore. We have come up with a eLearning product for our HR users or any other user within the organization having access to the SAP HR system which will help them to carry out their day to day activities after going through our eLearning course. We have captured every process that is required for an user to execute their task. These courses are built from our experience interacting with the user day to day. These are fun to learn, self paced, interactive simulation that we guarantee will get you up to speed. With our low cost subscription package, you can access the courses as many times from your office desk or from the comfort of your home.

Conclusion - From time to time we will post SAP HR related materials that we think will be useful, tips on how to navigate thru the system and outside links to HR materials. Please join us and help us spread the word to the HR community.

Thank you,

Stephen Sequeira