Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SAP HR Online Training

It's been a long time since my last update. This year has been real busy for us and we thank the Lord for that.

So what have we been up to ?

Well since April of this year we have been traveling to Indiana helping a client with their data migration from their legacy system to their SAP HR system. This project was successfully completed with good reviews to Perfect Resources in the month of August 2011. In the month of September of this year we got an opportunity to work with ADP in supporting their clients and this project is still going on.

We have also updated our end user training on SAP HR Modules. We have added the following:

1. A presentation to each SAP HR module
2. More captions in each video
3. Voice in all videos
4. Quiz at the end of each video
5. Practice Lesson in documentation tab

We are now working on our consultant module, will provide an update soon.

Oh, I got a chance to take a small vacation with my family to Northern Outdoors in Maine, River Rafting. It was an amazing fun trip.

Stephen Sequeira